Trump concedes I was right all along


In Thanksgiving Message, Trump Says ‘We’re Like a Third-World Country’

Yes, we are.

And what a lovely Thanksgiving message. We deserve it.



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  1. Gravatar of xu xu
    27. November 2020 at 13:07

    Meanwhile Doug Mastriano, a Colonel and an American Patriot (not a loser who supports the CCP like Sumner), is working hard to reclaim constitutional authority as Article 2 specifically grants.

    PA is going to Trump. And so is MI and GA.

    American Heroes Lin Wood (reminds me of Thomas Jefferson), Sidney Powell (fearless), and the beautiful and lovely Supreme Court (no longer filled with loser activist left wing communist judges) is going to take back the nation.

    Trump won. Biden is an idiot. And Kamala, Dominion, and other radicals are corrupt.

    American Patriots are taking there country back from the corrupt radicals .

    Deal with it communists! Trump just trumped you.

    And yes, I do hope your army of inept morons takes to the streets to do your bidding. Because this time American Patriots will be waiting. Bang Bang Commies.

  2. Gravatar of sty.silver sty.silver
    27. November 2020 at 13:52

    > Trump won. Biden is an idiot. And Kamala, *Dominion, and other radicals* are corrupt.

    > American Patriots are taking *there* country back from the corrupt radicals .

    Please keep it up.

  3. Gravatar of Christian List Christian List
    27. November 2020 at 14:03

    Comparing the US to third world countries is a serious insult — to third world countries because they don’t take so much time to count votes.


  4. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    27. November 2020 at 14:35

    Trumpistas, Love it! Please keep it up.

  5. Gravatar of harry harry
    27. November 2020 at 14:39

    Trump has already won.

    The appellate courts, and Supreme Court if necessary, will obviously rule in his favor. I read the Powell and Wood lawsuit, and it’s damning.

    Courts have no choice now but to hold a special election or invalidate the votes. Otherwise legislatures will take Article 2 into their own hands. I would rather see the former, because having a special election with proper safeguards (meaning ballots are actually valid and signatures verified), will leave no doubt for either side.

    The media is only trying to divide by claiming Biden won – and as usual the jobless thugs will go to the streets when Trumps is declared the winner. That is essentially what the media (and Soros) wants. But I have a feeling that they will not be treated with kid gloves this time. People are sick of it. The only reason Governors previously permitted such behavior was to win the election. They thought it was a smart political move. They were wrong! And they failed!

  6. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    27. November 2020 at 14:51

    The absurdity of claiming a Mercatus economist supports the CCP… It’s unimaginable.

    It’s even more absurd when you consider that Scott’s much more of a free market supporter than any of the Trump cultists.

  7. Gravatar of jayne jayne
    27. November 2020 at 14:51

    The lawsuit has 1000 affidavits.
    Only a moron would say 1000 people are lying.
    Many of them are experts (PhD).

    The lawsuit shows CCP IP addresses connected to the machines in Michigan.

    The VP of Dominion was recorded saying “I will make sure Trump loses”.

    The Georgia pipe leak has now proven to be a fabrication. They simply made up the whole thing, and that is damning evidence.

    The folks who think Biden won are either watching too much CCN, or are unable to read.

    That lawsuit is not only going to overturn this election, but many many many people are going to jail.

    It was a coordinated effort.

  8. Gravatar of Mark Barbieri Mark Barbieri
    27. November 2020 at 15:17

    Quick question for Xu. Given that I lost my job last year, I could benefit from a new source of income. How can I get paid good money stumping for Trump? I’m assuming, of course, that you must be paid well given all the work you for the superrich President Trump.

  9. Gravatar of Benjamin Cole Benjamin Cole
    27. November 2020 at 16:08

    Unfortunately, the US has managed to become a Third World nation without the benefits of Third World ambiance and friendliness.

    John Kennedy once characterized Washington DC as having “Southern efficiency and Northern charm.”

    The US is like that.

  10. Gravatar of Jay Jay
    27. November 2020 at 17:09

    Silly me for thinking that intellectuals are less vulnerable to brain washing. How big is the Venn diagram overlap between Fox news message board types, and monetary policy geeks?

    I wonder whether there is a correlation between one’s ability to “remain logical in the face of politics” and one’s ability to “remain logical in the face of a day-to-day profession” The generous explanation is that politics simply activate another part of the brain, and due to this, we can forgive the irrational thought. But personally, I’m less likely to take someone’s professional work seriously, when their political rants are nonsense.

    Scott’s commitment to not censor the messages on this board, even when they are truly out there, is admirable. Though in this case, the cost of his taking the high road, was more boiling blood.

  11. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    27. November 2020 at 17:54

    Yes, it’s also funny that many of these deranged Trump supporters belittle Scott’s academic career, when he probably had a job that was far more enjoyable and higher paying than whatever they do for a living(or don’t do, as some of them may be on public assistance). And now Scott’s semi-retired, well-to-do, and well-respected, and most of these losers can’t even post under their real names.

  12. Gravatar of rinat rinat
    27. November 2020 at 18:37

    Communists think the PA decision matters.
    It doesnt.
    Powell and Woods lawsuit is nail in coffin for the corrupt.
    They have receipts and CCP ip’s.
    PA legislature taking control.
    GA and MI will be overturned easily.
    Legendary Lin Wood has saved America.
    The truth will prevail.

    American hereos

    Lin Wood
    Sidney Powell
    All freedom loving Americans

    American losers

    Covid Police state lunatics and communists.

  13. Gravatar of Nick Nick
    27. November 2020 at 18:56

    Reading Wood and Powells lawsuit is better than sex. Nothing beats communist tears.
    I can sleep easy knowing those two have now destroyed the communist libtard party.

    When trump wins the BLM thugs will try to burn down our cities again,but this time we’ll simply shoot them in the head, let the bodies rot for a few days to enjoy the stench of commie flesh, then throw them in a wheel barrow and dump them in the ocean. Sharks will handle the rest.

  14. Gravatar of sarah sarah
    28. November 2020 at 04:11

    If Dr. Kershavarz says the election is rigged. It’s rigged.
    The media can show as much propaganda as they want.
    Lin Wood’s lawsuit, with Kershavarz affidavit, among many other expert affidavits and evidence showing the pipe burst was a lie will show otherwise.

    Trump 2020.

  15. Gravatar of Sean Sean
    28. November 2020 at 07:57

    The US election procedures are absolutely third-world. I think Trump lost handily, but (as usual) he is pointing to something that is outrageous and should have been addressed years ago. Everyone should be annoyed that dead voters show as voted, even if every single one was an explainable bookkeeping mistake by the admin. This is the first election my expat-in-US friends have seen the details of, and the ones from former war-torn countries are the most horrified.

  16. Gravatar of henry henry
    28. November 2020 at 08:50

    It’s not surprising that the majority of academics don’t see the communist movement for what it really is.

    I believe there are two reasons for this:

    1. Academics are generally ugly with very low social IQ’s. That is not to say they all fit into that category. But most do. And because of the low social IQ and relative unattractiveness they subconsciously despise those who have these qualities but who are deemed “intellectually inferior” to them. It’s a defense mechanism to deal with social loneliness.

    2. That loneliness, and deep yearning for the reverence and glory they never receive from the crowd, but think they deserve, is only reinforced by their inability to escape the group-think of authority figures within their discipline. You see to be an extraordinary academic you have to leave the pack and propose something bold which opens you up to ridicule. Very few have the capacity to do that. So these “bright but not genius” academics, which constitutes the majority, often find themselves clamoring to “mainstream”. They find themselves attracted to authority, and shielding themselves from external factors.

    All of this leads to a miserable life. But even more so, it leads to hatred towards others who might be less intelligent, but bolder, independent, and less inclined to follow authority. (i.e., the rugged individualist who risks it all and goes for broke).

    When that individualist speaks out to wrongdoing – the academics (bright but not genius) delightfully go back to their dogmas as a way to force upon those individuals the rules and dictates of the mainstream. They grasp at this moment as their chance to obtain power and force the individualist to follow and revere their “genius” – something they have unconsciously hoped for all their life. (as a way to give their life meaning and to avenge their lack of social popularity).

    Eventually these “bright but not genius” will realize what is happening. But by that time it’s much too late.


    …you are not allowed to write “Thanksgiving” anymore. The new term is “un-thanksgiving”.

    The Communists at CNN have issued their dictate. Remember to follow them or else.

  17. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    28. November 2020 at 09:15

    Michael, It was a choice on my part. In 1988, I turned down a much higher paying (and more prestigious) job at the NY Fed.

    Sean, What’s awful about elections is the slow pace of vote counting. The amount of fraud is trivial for a country of 330,000,000.

  18. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    28. November 2020 at 10:52


    Of course it was a choice. You could have also chosen to work in the private sector at a very high salary. It’s not as if there’s such a thing as a low paid PhD economist, especially with experience.

    Interesting to find out you could have been at the NY Fed though.

  19. Gravatar of msgkings msgkings
    28. November 2020 at 20:08

    Russia Russia Russia!

    Affidavits affidavits affidavits!

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