A proposed three team trade

Here’s my proposed trade:

Denmark sends Greenland to the US, along with a future second round pick.
The US gives Alaska back to Russia.
Russia sends Kaliningrad and two star hockey players to Denmark.

The US (i.e. Trump) gets bragging rights as the second biggest country, surpassing Canada. Plus a neat new vacation spot. Alaska cruises are getting boring—Greenland’s a new toy to play with.  With global warming, it might eventually become as interesting as Iceland.  And there’s oil!

Russia gets to reverse the embarrassing decision to sell Alaska to the US.  Russia gets even bigger (macho Putin will like that.)  And they aren’t really giving up any Russian territory, as Kaliningrad is actually the old German city of Konigsberg.

Denmark gets to dump an area that is heavily subsidized, and was falsely marketed to them as being “green”. In any case, the Danes are probably too environmentally progressive to ever exploit the oil. And they get to recreate the really neat Hanseatic League, creating a free port that will become the Singapore of the Baltic.

PS.  Japan might want to get involved, to get its islands back from Russia.

PPS.  I stole this idea.



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  1. Gravatar of Carl Carl
    16. August 2019 at 12:31

    Canada is going to go the league office to try to block your trade.

  2. Gravatar of Matthias Görgens Matthias Görgens
    16. August 2019 at 12:58

    I thought Estonia was already the Singapore of the Baltic?

  3. Gravatar of Tom Brown Tom Brown
    16. August 2019 at 14:00

    Ha, I love it. Now do Hong Kong. Trump already has a crappy deal worked out w/ China in exchange for backing China putting down the “rioters.” Cult45 won’t put up a fuss, they just care that Dear Leader’s ego is stroked.

  4. Gravatar of Lorenzo from Oz Lorenzo from Oz
    16. August 2019 at 16:57

    Anyone who invokes the Hansaeatic League gets a big tick …

  5. Gravatar of George George
    16. August 2019 at 18:00

    I don’t care if you love or hate Trump.


    But if you don’t like Trump, you’re missing out on the funniest President of all time.

    Certainly a better comedian than any of the late night Obama/Hillary stooges.

  6. Gravatar of Christian List Christian List
    16. August 2019 at 18:31

    Buying is certainly better than invading (see Russia and China). The US could develop Greenland better than Denmark. Denmark lets Greenland and its inhabitants more or less rot.

    You won’t know that (even if you say otherwise afterwards), but there are some clear indications that around 1990 there were really offers from the Russian side to sell Königsberg back to Germany.

    The USSR needed the money urgently and they had no more use for Kaliningrad. The sources say that Kohl’s government was so incompetent that they didn’t even want to talk about it.

  7. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    16. August 2019 at 20:55

    Christian, You said:

    “Denmark lets Greenland and its inhabitants more or less rot.”

    Can you get any dumber?

  8. Gravatar of E. Harding E. Harding
    17. August 2019 at 04:11

    “macho Putin will like that”

    Sumner, you’re an idiot. Since when has Putin focused on expanding Russia’s size, you brainlet?

    “PS. Japan might want to get involved, to get its islands back from Russia.”

    That’s the only move Russia will have a real objection to. Japan has to recognize its loss in WWII.

  9. Gravatar of E. Harding E. Harding
    17. August 2019 at 04:18

    “I thought Estonia was already the Singapore of the Baltic?”

    Singapore was

    *richest part of Asia before WWII

    *richest part of Asia after WWII

    So the Baltic equivalent is Copenhagen.

  10. Gravatar of Christian List Christian List
    17. August 2019 at 05:26

    Scott, your detailed ad hominem arguments are as always really astonishing. What answer do you expect to your question by the way. “Yes”? “No”?

    All the data I have seen (economic performance, financial aid, poverty, school-leaving qualifications, illness, violence, sexual abuse) indicate that Denmark does not seem to have much interest in Greenland. They let it rot. And that was a critical report from Denmark itself, I don’t even want to know what other sources would say.

    Of course you can ask if the US would do any better, but one might take Alaska as a clue. It seems difficult that the conditions under the rule of the US would become even worse anyway.

    Not to mention that Greenland is extremely important geo-strategically. Denmark is the wrong ruler. It’s pure waste.

    I wouldn’t wait until Putin is invading there too. That’s too easy as long as Denmark dominates the region. It’s basically an invitation. Why not send Putin a postcard right away: “Which invasion day do you prefer, dear Vladimir? Is next year all right? Or are you waiting till 2025?”

    If climate change continues, Denmark will never remain the ruler. And if the Americans don’t take it, the Russians won’t say no. Or maybe we should ask the Chinese, too?

  11. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 05:26

    Fake news and their sheep falling for it and trolled again.


  12. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    17. August 2019 at 06:44

    Christian, Ok, you really are that dumb. Denmark provides massive aid to Greenland, more than $11,000 per capita. That’s fricking huge. It’s the only reason why Greenland has average incomes that are close to Western Europe.

    I hardly think Denmark is to blame if Greenlanders sexually abuse each other. Do you?

  13. Gravatar of E. Harding E. Harding
    17. August 2019 at 07:22

    Speaking of your East Asia post, Sumner, there’s really only one lesson to take, described by Pseudoerasmus:


    Yes; East Asian institutions are definitely suboptimal for output per worker-hour; Japanese output per worker hour is (still) lower than Italian. It is a clear indictment of protectionism.

  14. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 07:24

    Wow, blog author is extremely low IQ.

    Throwing cash at people and not doing your job of defending them from criminals if the very definition of abject failure.

    Of course a dumb monetarist who believes printing money is sufficient will believe “$11,000 cash per capita” is any proof the money is being allocated wisely.


  15. Gravatar of E. Harding E. Harding
    17. August 2019 at 07:27

    Also, yes, you are correct, Sumner, back during the 1960s, the sorts of policies pursued by Park Chung-hee and Chiang Kai-Shek fit well with the broad economic consensus.

  16. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 07:39

    For those of you with at least two functioning brain cells (unlike the blog author), who are intelligent enough to do research on Greenland, and who have a good memory, understand why Trump put Greenland into the narrative:


  17. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 07:42

    I guarantee the blog author was absolutely silent/non-critical of China’s encroachment into Greenland 6 years ago.

    Now flipping his s#!t about Trump pondering offering a buy for Greenland. Why? BECAUSE THE IDIOT WAS TOLD TO BE OUTRAGED BY FAKE NEWS.

    It’s like watching a sheep being herded.

  18. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 07:46

    See it’s ok that the blog author is a moron, because the entire point of Trump mentioning Greenland was to get the sheep to PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN GREENLAND.

    Hook, line and sinker.

  19. Gravatar of H_WASSHOI (Maekawa Miku-nyan lover) H_WASSHOI (Maekawa Miku-nyan lover)
    17. August 2019 at 09:17

    I wonder how much numbers AP-1000s will be needed to green out Greenland

  20. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 10:23


    What if Hillary was ‘supposed’ have won and the D party would have used Antifa as their paramilitary organization, and sacrificed a political group of mostly white people (in black masks)…by fake news calling them a RIGHT WING white supremacist party?

    The Soros crime family manages the slush funds of taxpayer money that gets laundered to finances domestic terrorist groups (Antifa).

    They were selling America off….vulnerable to complete communist takeover.


  21. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 10:53

    Want to know how stupid the remaining leftists who are never going to vote Republican have become?

    Their puppet masters are so salty that their own mentally conditioned sheep can’t tell that The Babylon Bee is SATIRE, that they are beginning to detect that there really is not much difference between the ‘news’ on that site and the drivel pouring out of Mockingbird Media in Aug 2019.

    That is a RISK their own sheep will begin to understand MSM as what it is, the Democrat Party’s propaganda machine.

    The same sick bloodlines obsessed criminal ‘elite’ did this to Russians starting 1917 too, and slaughtered tens of millions of mostly Christian whites.

    Mockingbird Media calls this FACT a conspiracy theory while they push a Russia Collusion hoax conspiracy theory for over 2 straight years.

    Notice the entire Mockingbird Media is no longer talking Russia Russia Russia?

    All coordinated?

    Is that normal?


    Now suddenly despite the lowest black unemployment in history, prison reform that released disenfranchised black prisoners who were locked away under unfair/unjust sentences, MLK’s niece pleading and defending Trump as not racist but victim of a smear attempt, despite nominating the first female black general in the country’s history (imagine what fake news would cover if this happened under satanist Hillary presidency), now the coordinated message of racism?



    Fake fake fake!

    You’re being targeted with the biggest coordinated propaganda campaign in world history.

    What better way to impose fascism than by making the sheep believe they’re fighting against it, while becoming fascists themselves?

    They gave independent journalist Andy Ngo a brain hemorrhage by beating him and after throwing milkshakes at him.

    What military group in early 1930s Germany attacked journalists with violence?

    Demoralize the population first.

    You on this blog who think this is all crazy are ASLEEP.

    It’s REAL.

    Your minds are just not healed yet by thinking for oneself, using logic and evidence for oneself.

    Not blindly believe, as the blog author does, that truth is what is published by the world’s largest media companies with NOTHING EXCEPT ‘according to people familiar with the matter’.

    Please people, wake up already.

    Google insider just dropped evidence Google CENSORED SEARCH WORDS OF THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTER.

    Including “Les Vegas shooter anti-Trump”.

    You’re the news now everyone, not MSM.

    You are asleep to Mockingbird Media.

    You can wake up.

  22. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 11:03

    Snopes (D front…ONE GUY DOING THE ‘FACT’ CHECKING) attacking The Babylon Bee as ‘fake news’…

    Ask yourself why you can’t ‘see’ Antifa as a literal communist military party that physically assaults journalists who merely film what they do in the public streets?

    This was an insurgency folks. It was run like an insurgency.

    It was irregular warfare at its finest in politics.

    If you can control the information you can control people.

  23. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 11:08


    They D Party WANTS these predators to attack the population.

    Why has Trump been focused on naming as many pro-constitution judges as possible?

    They use Antifa to stop what is happening in France, Hong Kong, from happening in America.

    They fly the Communist Party of Germany flag early 1930s.

    They have guns now.

    Remember when they started as anti-gun?

  24. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 11:14

    For those of you asleep to ‘orange man bad = good boy/girl’


    Antifa are now threatening violence in Portland on biggest scale to date.

    The D’s are so terrified of being exposed they’re now sending their paramilitary wing to ATTACK THE PORTLAND POPULATION.

    The sheep are supposed to see who Antifa attacks and then identify them as white nationalist fascists. Doesn’t matter if you’re Asian, they’ll attack you too.


  25. Gravatar of GEORGE GEORGE
    17. August 2019 at 11:17



  26. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 11:21


    This is the fakest fake news they’ve ever attempted.

    The ‘journalist’ is wearing a military grade vest…

    Interviewing a swastika sign holding old ‘actor’ in a pseudo-nazi uniform.

    This is comedy gold


  27. Gravatar of GEORGE GEORGE
    17. August 2019 at 11:25

    Aaaaaand I was right.


    Antifa are ‘infiltrating’ by presenting themselves, FALSELY, of being Qanons.

    This just may be their last hope.

    Good thing the National Guard was activated long ago to prevent a communist military uprising.

  28. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 11:29



  29. Gravatar of George George
    17. August 2019 at 12:18


    Fake news = Enemy of the People

  30. Gravatar of Becky Hargrove Becky Hargrove
    18. August 2019 at 11:10

    There must not be much difference between spam blog bots and human blog disrupters right now, they seem to be of about the same caliber.

  31. Gravatar of Christian List Christian List
    19. August 2019 at 02:59


    Ok, you really are that dumb.

    Is an answer without ad hominem even possible for you???

    Denmark provides massive aid to Greenland, more than $11,000 per capita. That’s fricking huge.

    I’m not so sure if that’s huge or not. It looks more like the European standard to me. We both know that this is the European way of letting people rot. They are showering areas and people with public money, which is often pointless and ineffective, or even harmful. This seems to be the case in Greenland. As in so many other places.

    I hardly think Denmark is to blame if Greenlanders sexually abuse each other. Do you?

    That’s a difficult question. Leftists will probably say that it is indeed Denmark’s fault. Conservatives and liberals, as well, are more likely to blame Denmark, at least in part. They will say that protecting people against sexual violence, especially minors (as in Greenland), is of course a state responsibility. And that it is a state failure if there is a territory where many cases occur. What would be the alternative? A quasi-racist theory that Greenlanders just “tick” like that? I don’t think so. And even if that were the case, it would not free Denmark from its responsibility.

  32. Gravatar of George George
    19. August 2019 at 06:52


    Google it

  33. Gravatar of GEORGE GEORGE
    19. August 2019 at 07:56


    But fake news and their SHEEP say it’s orange man’s mean tweets that is leading to violence.

  34. Gravatar of Becky Hargrove Becky Hargrove
    19. August 2019 at 10:19

    So be it. If I want to go random blogs and post random nonsense, I too get to be a spam bot. What fun. Not.

  35. Gravatar of GEORGE GEORGE
    19. August 2019 at 12:16

    LOL, ‘random nonsense’.


    Let me guess…you only get outraged about shootings when fake news selects them to push a manufactured narrative to divide us by race or religion or political affiliation.


    You and the others can go back to not caring that this happens all the time in gun controlled Demokkkrat ruled Chicago.

  36. Gravatar of George George
    19. August 2019 at 12:26

    Democrats have gotten a free pass on what they’ve been doing to their own cities for DECADES because they use their allies in the media to viciously attack anyone who starts criticizing them for their manifest failures.

  37. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    20. August 2019 at 16:37

    Christian, You said:

    “I’m not so sure if that’s huge or not.”

    I believe you. You aren’t sure.

  38. Gravatar of George George
    20. August 2019 at 19:35


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