Why I’m rooting for divided government

Here’s Vox.com:

Hillary Clinton had mostly tried to avoid the $15-an-hour issue until this debate, offering sympathy for grassroots local Fight for 15 movements while supporting a more modest $12-an-hour minimum nationally. But tonight that came to an end, and she suggested she really does support a $15-an-hour minimum across America:

BLITZER: — if a Democratic Congress put a $15 minimum wage bill on your desk, would you sign it?

CLINTON: Well, of course I would … I think setting the goal to get to $12 is the way to go, encouraging others to get to $15. But, of course, if we have a Democratic Congress, we will go to $15.

Of course, she denied this was a flip-flop, despite Sanders’s efforts to get her to do so. But in a way, Sanders making a point out of the position change was just pouring salt in the wound. He — along with the grassroots Fight for 15 movement — had successfully convinced the living embodiment of establishment Democratic politics to sign into law a $15-an-hour national minimum wage.

How am I voting today? Here’s a hint:




7 Responses to “Why I’m rooting for divided government”

  1. Gravatar of Brett Brett
    8. November 2016 at 07:38

    These movements have a momentum to them. I figure we’ll get minimum wage rises until some city, county, or state raises it high enough that the job/hour losses are immediately apparent and large. Probably when one of them decides that $20/hr would really be better than $15/hr.

    On the bright side, the same seems to apply to marijuana legalization movements.

  2. Gravatar of Ben Ben
    8. November 2016 at 08:05

    A divided government is hardly going to fix the problem of increasingly extreme parties talking crap though, is it?

  3. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    8. November 2016 at 10:41

    Ben. No.

  4. Gravatar of doug M doug M
    8. November 2016 at 13:09


    “A divided government is hardly going to fix the problem of increasingly extreme parties talking crap though, is it?”

    They will always talk crap. The point is we don’t want them to actually do crap. And the less crap they do, the more crap they talk.

    It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

  5. Gravatar of Bill Ellis Bill Ellis
    8. November 2016 at 13:12


    remember when theses were called “cucks” ?

  6. Gravatar of Bill Ellis Bill Ellis
    8. November 2016 at 13:25

    FACE IT….The founding fathers left us with a lemon of government.

    Divided government has been the curse of the western hemisphere’s democracies…

    Of all the socioeconomic factors…It’s been the single greatest impediment to the advancement of our nation…

    If we ever get to the point where we open up a constitutional convention… a right wing dream… the wing nuts will be shocked at how liberal Ideas will end up dominating….

    America needs united government and a well constructed parliamentary system will give us that and preserve representative democracy…

  7. Gravatar of Douglas Magowan Douglas Magowan
    8. November 2016 at 18:06

    Bill Ellis,

    I love divided government. It is my ideal. America seems to love it, too. Nearly every election the party that does not control the White House looses seats in congress at the mid-term congressional elections.

    They can get together on the big things, but so rarely are there any big things that mostly they just point the finger at each other and make lot of noise. Last thing I want is a legislature with an agenda.

    My problem is that more often than not, I cannot actually tell the difference between a Republican and a Democrat. They are about as different as Coke and Pepsi. Now to a Pepsi fan there is a world of difference. But, to the rest of us…it just sweetened brown water.

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