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I have spent the past 6 days feverishly creating 15 posts, so now it’s time for a break. Because I have only now begun to publicize the blog, most of you have probably just arrived. The “About the blog” post provides the motivation for the sustained assault on recent Fed policy that follows. Now that I have got some (but not all) of my pent-up criticism off my chest, I hope to gradually become more like a normal blog, commenting on current events and other blogs. Here are some coming attractions:

Future Monetary posts:

Foolproof escapes from liquidity traps: From John Locke to Lars Svensson

Gauti Eggertsson on FDR’s first year in office

Milton Friedman’s most pernicious legacy (BTW, Friedman’s my favorite economist)

Was 2008 another 1937?

How much did the New Deal slow the recovery?

Why Keynes was wrong about the US “liquidity trap,” and why Krugman is wrong about both the US and Japanese “expectations traps.”

What did Keynes really mean by “confidence”

Good economists don’t make predictions, they infer market predictions

What Hicks and Friedman saw as the General Theory’s only real insight

And also some future non-monetary posts:

The Great Danes: Amazingly, Denmark is both the most market-friendly and the most egalitarian society on earth. And the most idealistic. And the happiest.

Immersion into history–What it’s like to read all the NYT from 1929 through 1938.

The inevitable Mr. Krugman

The deep connection between neoliberalism and new Keynesianism

What would Richard Rorty say about the efficient markets hypothesis debate?

Why McCloskey matters

Decade-ending arts roundup: Will 2666 and 2046 be the best novel and film of the decade?



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