Silly season

1. Does Elon wish to kill me?

All legal American residents should be allowed to vote.

2. This is our relatively sane candidate:

And you guys scoff when I say America’s become a banana republic.



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  1. Gravatar of Sara Sara
    8. July 2024 at 01:39

    Radical left believes:

    1. End the electoral college (every time they fail to win).
    2. Pack the courts (every time they don’t get their way). Btw, The majority conservative court gave the Biden administration a bunch of wins this year, but Sumner and his radicals continue to peddle this idea that the court “always votes on party lines”. The record doesn’t support that claim.
    3. Open borders to destroy culture and tradition, and national identity, with the hope of creating division and chaos. The one-party-state will claim to be your “hero”, restoring order as needed.
    4. Modify the first ammendment so that “hate speech” (anything the prevailing orthodoxy doesn’t like) is not just censored, but prosecuted. They want you to fear speaking out against the one-party-state.
    5. Digital ID’s, required to access the web (remove anonymity), and CBDC’s to monitor and control your finances.
    6. Social justice foot soldiers to enforce their dogma.
    7. Disarm you, so you cannot defend yourself against the foot soldiers.
    8. And last by not least, allow non-citizens to vote. Sumner thinks being a resident with a work visa or student visa is enough. You just need “residency”. That’s a thug, who will do anything to get his preferred party in power.

    Sumner has consistently repeated all of the radical left talking points, yet he wants you to believe that he’s really a libertarian. There is nothing libertarian about him.

    Watch out; because when he gets power, he won’t give it up.

  2. Gravatar of Edward Edward
    8. July 2024 at 02:03

    Hundreds of millions will die in a third world war because of people like you.

    Instead of respecting other cultures and nations your globalists tried to impose their will upon them, and when those nations lash out across the globe to protect their people god help us.

    And yes, allowing non citizens to vote is treasonous.

  3. Gravatar of Ricardo Ricardo
    8. July 2024 at 04:31

    Just invest in bitcoin and keep it on a trezor wallet Sara. That way he can’t take it from you. CCP capture of France is an indication of things to come, so do it soon. Ideally, before Nov.

  4. Gravatar of Mike Mike
    8. July 2024 at 06:40

    Hilarious that Musk thinks he speaks for Americans now.

  5. Gravatar of Carl Carl
    8. July 2024 at 08:05

    Although having Trump and Biden as our candidates is proof enough that our system is far from healthy, I don’t know the SAVE Act shows much about our banana republic status. It’s nothing compared to the immigrant paranoia of the Alien and Sedition Acts, the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Gentlemen’s Agreement and so on.

  6. Gravatar of foosion foosion
    8. July 2024 at 09:56

    Does he realize that it’s currently illegal for non-citizens to vote in federal elections?

  7. Gravatar of Scott Sumner. Scott Sumner.
    8. July 2024 at 11:01

    Foosion, Interesting.

    What struck me wasn’t his view on voting, it was his view on how to treat people with political opinions that differed from his own. He used to be a Democrat, now he seems almost like someone to the right of Trump.

    I suppose he’d say he was just joking, in which case he doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor. If you have to use all caps on “TRAITOR”, people are going to ask questions about your frame of mind.

  8. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    8. July 2024 at 16:08

    There is a broader global pattern than that of the rise of far right nationalism, and that is anti-incumbentism. This may yet be another reason for having Biden and Harris step down and to give Democrats a much more plausible chance to win in November.

    Also, I don’t see this perspective, but I think it’s legitimate. Biden has never won a normal general election. People often speak about Trump’s victory in 2016 as flukish, and perhaps it was in some ways, but Biden’s was even much more unusual. Not only was he running against a uniquely unpopular candidate during a crisis, but the way campaigning was constrained perhaps also uniquely benefitted him. It seems apparent Biden cannot perform in a more traditional campaign, at least during this cycle.

  9. Gravatar of kangaroo kangaroo
    8. July 2024 at 19:01

    foosion, Scott:

    The issue isn’t current Federal law. The issue is that several Progressive cities have attempted to allow non-citizens to vote in the last few years. Elon, Trump and the Republicans seek to ensure that can’t happen.

    I strongly agree with them and strongly support this policy.

    AFAIK Elon has never been a Democrat, but his more outspoken and stronger right bent of recent years probbly has alot to do with the lefts’ growing infatuation over the last decade quack policies like CRT, Defund the Police, suppression of legal speech, killing jews and on the absolutely freakin’ wacko side, support for men with vaginas competing in women’s sports and advocating that teachers need to protect young childrens’ gender preferences from their parents.

    I’d say Defund the Police is probably the single most disasterous civil policy **ever** in the United States – probably just behind the massive tennament housing programs of the 50s and the 60s. Yet you support the people who a) thought it would work; b) put it in place; c) are still claiming it worked great and they have no idea what caused crime to explode immediately coincident with that policy being implemented!! Real head scratcher!!

    I think we need some replication-failing self-reported p-hacked forking paths survey data so social scientists can “show” that defund actually decreased crime [in gated wealthy white neighborhoods].

    We live in the great age of the bananacademy, staffed by expert bananacademics.

  10. Gravatar of Kit Kit
    9. July 2024 at 04:04

    A word of advice for those who obtain a second citizenship (or in the case of Musk, a third) as an adult: refrain from calling a significant portion of the citizens in your adopted country traitors, or generally pontificating on the nature of that country. People find it annoying.

  11. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    9. July 2024 at 07:53

    Kangaroo, Perhaps the single dumbest comment I’ve ever read:

    1. Yes, Musk was a Democrat. (Not registered, but almost always voted Dem.)
    2. No, I never supported defund the police, nor any politician who advocated it. Shake hands with Sara.
    3. Biden supported much more funding for the police; it’s Republicans that consistently vote against the funding.
    4. Defund the police was never tried to any significant extent, so it could hardly be the most disastrous policy ever enacted.
    5. The crime rate soared much higher under Trump, and has plunged dramatically lower under Biden.

    Otherwise, great comment!!

  12. Gravatar of Student Student
    9. July 2024 at 18:33

    It’s a show like a kardashian. Sucking up to the probable winners (spaceX contracts)and trying to turn the culture right to electric via red meat.

  13. Gravatar of JS JS
    10. July 2024 at 04:42

    In the past two weeks, you’ve criticized Newsweek for promoting family values, and now you’re advocating for disenfranchising citizens.

    Quite an interesting political philosophy.

    What the name of your party, 666?

  14. Gravatar of BC BC
    10. July 2024 at 06:30

    Kit, lol on Elon’s multiple foreign citizenships. Talk about a Borderless Citizen of the World! Interestingly, his fellow Silicon Valley Trump-booster Peter Thiel also holds multiple foreign citizenships and seems to be pursuing more. All of these immigrants keep bringing their foreign politics with them…

  15. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    10. July 2024 at 08:55

    JS, LOL are you a pathological liar? I’ve done none of those things.

  16. Gravatar of Frank Frank
    10. July 2024 at 09:52

    Interesting business strategy, calling for the extrajudicial assassination of a segment of your customer base.

  17. Gravatar of TMC TMC
    11. July 2024 at 06:36

    Musk was a little over the top, but why would anyone oppose the SAVE act? All it’s doing is enforcing existing law where some states seem to want to circumvent it. The only reason to oppose is to allow illegal voting.

  18. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    11. July 2024 at 08:25

    TMC, You said:

    “All it’s doing is enforcing existing law”

    So we need a new law to enforce existing law? Never heard that one before! Why not just enforce the “existing law”?

  19. Gravatar of Negation of Ideology Negation of Ideology
    13. July 2024 at 21:11

    Scott – Great post as usual, but I think you’re mistaken on the SAVE Act.

    “The SAVE Act introduces a documentation requirement” of proof of citizenship (a valid ID), whereas current law only requires ” an attestation under penalty of perjury that the applicant is a U.S. citizen”.

    So the law is the same with respect to who is legally eligible to vote, but the standard has been raised to require proof of citizenship at registration rather than just an attestation of citizenship.

  20. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    13. July 2024 at 21:53

    Negation, It was a commenter that made that claim. In any case, it has no bearing on my post. It’s a bad idea.

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