Seven! (Trump is on a roll)

In a recent post, I listed 6 ways that Trump intends to reduce inflation:

Trump has a 6-part plan to bring down inflation:

1. Favors NIMBY policies to prevent housing construction in the suburbs.

2. Expel all the illegal workers that pick our food and provide other key services.

3. Put heavy tariffs on imported food and other goods.

4. Have Medicare do less negotiation of drug prices.

5. Run super massive budget deficits.

6. Easy money.

Now Politico suggests that his advisors have found another method to add to the list:

Economic advisers close to former President Donald Trump are actively debating ways to devalue the U.S. dollar if he’s elected to a second term

Can anyone dispute that Trump’s plan to reduce inflation is brilliant? Can you name even one Nobel Prize winning economist who would be capable to devising this sort of multi-pronged anti-inflation program?

PS. Off topic, but I couldn’t resist linking to this tweet. At one level, the current campaign is appalling. But in the right frame of mind it can become lots of fun. There’s something sort of enjoyable about seeing Trump exposed as a complete idiot in front of the entire world. (At least until you think about the fact that he’ll soon have his finger on the nuclear trigger. And people worry about AI!)

I’m like that guy greedily cramming popcorn into his mouth as he watches a film about armageddon.

BTW, What do the people in the audience think as they listen to Trump ranting like a drug-addled homeless guy on the streets of LA? “There’s our next president!!”



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  1. Gravatar of Student Student
    16. April 2024 at 09:27

    Trump praising the losing general that was commanding the traitors to the nation in the very state where he could have won the war (if he listened to his staff telling him not to attack a well positioned opposing army up a hill behind a stone wall… a fact trump gets completely wrong) is so fitting. Trump 2 is going to be quite a show. I can’t wait until he hires the bestest people this time.

  2. Gravatar of TDS guy TDS guy
    16. April 2024 at 12:37

    He was an awesome president the first time around. That matters more than whatever you could say about his future policies.

  3. Gravatar of Philo Philo
    16. April 2024 at 19:24

    “I’m like that guy greedily cramming popcorn into his mouth as he watches a film about Armageddon.” Enjoy the popcorn, because the film is not entrancing: there aren’t any good guys to root for. Even the Libertarian Party (and you’re pretty desperate if that’s who you’re rooting for!) has been taken over by questionable characters.

  4. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    16. April 2024 at 20:15

    Student, Yes, Trump has a soft spot for his fellow traitors to United States of America.

    Philo, This will be the first time I don’t vote Libertarian. The party was taken over by far right nuts.

  5. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    16. April 2024 at 22:23

    I still think Biden will win, assuming he lives long enough, which hopefully he will. That said, there’s way more uncertainty than I’d like, and it would be hard to believe this isn’t the most complex election to try to predict we’ve ever had, just looking at the number of relevant factors and potential cross-currents.

    What does it say about the Democratic Party that we can’t offer a candidate who is actually popular?

  6. Gravatar of msgkings msgkings
    17. April 2024 at 07:55

    @Michael S:

    I blame Biden personally more than the party. It’s on him to read the room and realize NO ONE wanted him to run again, but his narcissism wouldn’t allow him to do what he basically said during his first campaign, that he wanted to be a ‘transitional’ president and ‘pass the torch’ to a new generation. But no, he thinks he’s the hero we need to beat Trump again.

    The obvious move was for him to announce last year he was retiring after this term, and let a primary pick Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer, either of whom would trounce Trump. Both younger of course, but also they don’t have to wear the record of inflation which is foremost in voters minds. Inflation isn’t Biden’s fault but that’s the job, presidents get the blame and the credit all the time for things they don’t control (economy, jobs, inflation, etc). Not to mention the Gaza mess and what that is doing to Biden’s left flank.

    So this is on Joe. Could the Dems have ‘forced’ him to step down? Sure maybe but that’s a lot of drama that’s unhelpful. No one would blink if an 82 year old who already got his brass ring said time to retire. Biden couldn’t do it. If Trump wins it’s on him for not letting a better, younger Dem win easy.

  7. Gravatar of steve steve
    17. April 2024 at 10:23

    I read a fair bit of military history and have been to Gettysburg several times dating back to the 70s. The park rangers and guides now are, for the most part, excellent. They really know their history and do a good job of pointing out the key areas and people in the battle. Trump could have just said a few simple, gracious things about Gettysburg like most politicians. Instead, he seems to want to prove that he knows a lot about it and ends up sounding stupid. (Did the same thing during covid.)


  8. Gravatar of foosion foosion
    17. April 2024 at 11:45

    >What do the people in the audience think

    They think a Trump company with a few million dollars in revenue and tens of millions of losses is worth many billions and that the failure of the stock to soar is due to a conspiracy of left wing wokeness. Would you expect their political or economic analysis to be inconsistent with that insight?

  9. Gravatar of Student Student
    17. April 2024 at 12:04


    If Biden were up 3-5 points in the polling averages, that would be close. Neck and neck in the polls means Biden is down. And the betting markets… they seem to follow the polls with a slight lag…. Which is an odd thing.

  10. Gravatar of Student Student
    17. April 2024 at 15:10

    And for the record… the exchange between Longstreet (and Ewell) and Lee that Trump was getting the opposite of correct is epic.

    Pointing toward Cemetery Hill, Lee told him, “The enemy is there, and I am going to attack him there.” Longstreet fired back, “If he is there, it will be because he is anxious that we should attack him; a good reason, in my judgment, for not doing so.”

    P.S. Douglas Southall Freeman‘s “Lee Lieutenants” account of Gettysburg is great. Every Civil War buff should read that 3 vol set. It’s great.

  11. Gravatar of Sara Sara
    18. April 2024 at 23:37

    The only person being exposed as a “moron” is you.

    You’re the same guy who lambasted a pro liberty politician in Bolsonaro, choosing instead, to throw your support behind a corrupt, dictator and former cartel member, Lula Da Silva.

    Lula Da Silva, since he’s been in office, has arrested journalists, demanded that the opposition party be silenced, and if one refuses to silence at his behest, they’re fined 20,000 dollars a day.

    He filed criminal charges against Elon Musk for refusing to censor politicians at his behest on X.

    But Sumner told us he would be better because “He’d save the rain forest” LOL.

    This is a man who was a member of the Sau Paulo forum. He’s working with cartels that cut down the rainforest to plant drugs. You’re such an ignoramus.

    It should be clear who Sumner really supports. He’s a CCP thug, hiding behind the false label of libertarian. He’s not a libertarian. It’s just a mask; his true intention is totalitarianism. That’s why he supports the radical left, like Lula Da Silva, and viciously goes after anyone who opposes those left wing radicals such as Donald Trump or Bolsonaro, or in South Africa, Zuma.

  12. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    19. April 2024 at 08:13

    “pro liberty politician in Bolsonaro”

    Liberty? The guy who prefers murderous military dictatorships?

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