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We finally have a way of donating money to iPredict.  I will soon contact each person who offered a donation, and provide the contact person at the Victoria University of Wellington.  I will ask each person to donate at least 75% of the amount originally promised, if possible.  You may donate the full amount promised if you wish–it would help to sustain the market, but isn’t needed to get it off the ground.  The only exception is one large donor, who will be donating to Hypermind instead.

Thanks again for your support, and patience.

Update:  I should probably mention that the proposal evolved as time went by.  The initial plan called for funding of $31,500, but we later evolved to a different strategy, where the total cost is more contingent on how long the market runs.  Also, Hypermind later contacted us with a different plan, which we are already arranging funding for from a big donor.  The promised donations were considerably more than the amount the iPredict plan originally called for, but some of the donations were rather vague (“if needed”), or no specific amount promised. Some of the funds will be directed to Hypermind.   I believe that 75% of the amount promised should be enough to get a decent NGDP market off the ground with iPredict, even if one or two donors fail to come through.

Update#2:  I told that the US Friends of Victoria University is a US registered 501 c 3.

I’m no expert on taxes, but I believe that is good news.



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  1. Gravatar of The Window Washer The Window Washer
    14. November 2014 at 09:29

    People have different ideas of what “a lot of money”. Now that you’ve had offers it’s time to throw down the glove and say something to the effect of “Donations need to be at least $X”. Otherwise just set up something on a site like kickstarter and let everyone kick in a few to a few thousand bucks.

  2. Gravatar of benjamin cole benjamin cole
    14. November 2014 at 16:46

    Why would the Fed set up a prediction market? Their track record is superb.

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