Watch my commenters’ heads explode

A headline from Business Insider:

Trump, who’s railed against Black Lives Matter for years, now says he’d be ‘very honored’ to have its support



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  1. Gravatar of Lizard Man Lizard Man
    30. November 2023 at 16:45

    I don’t like Trump, but I have to admit that was a masterclass in shithousery. Trump simultaneously gets to claim that BLM supports him while totally infuriating the vast majority of people who support BLM. And he gets BLM back in the news, which hurts Biden. He gets them back in the news being angry, and when they are angry and feeling self-righteous they say dumb thing which alienate normie voters and drive them away from Democrats and towards Republicans. And given that affective polarization seems to drive the outcome of elections, you want the press to focus on the most unpopular ideas and groups on the other side of politics aisle.

  2. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    30. November 2023 at 20:20

    At this point Trump could donate money to Hamas and he still wouldn’t lose a vote. There’s no point in even analyzing American politics any longer—it’s a lunatic asylum. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

  3. Gravatar of Student Student
    1. December 2023 at 03:33

    Trump donating money… lol good one.

  4. Gravatar of Sara Sara
    1. December 2023 at 21:30

    Trump and RFK jr are well aware of the neo-marxist, postmodernist threat to the American Republic.

    Trump didn’t write a glowing review of BLM, a marxist organization, while they were burning down buildings, shooting people, assaulting reporters, erecting autonomous zones, and threatening mayors outside of their homes. That person would be you, Scott Sumner, in July of 2020. I remember that article quite well. You were probably on your knees, pledging alliegiance to the neomarxists, as you wrote it.

    The donations to BLM, if you trace them, lead to radical left organizations like Arabella advisors. They also lead to centralized actors, like the CCP, APPLE, Google, Coca Cola, Disney, along with other government organizations like the office for diversity, equity and inclusion, and investment companies on Wall Street including Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital.

    You might ask why do so many multinationals and politicans suddenly and absruptly support the woke left?

    Again, let’s follow the money and we find Vanguard Group. Blackrock and State Street. Those names are the majority shareholders in almost every fortune 100 company. They have the power to set the agenda, to control the board of directors, and therefore determine company investment and more importantly access to capital.

    And they use their size to blackmail other companies. Do what I want, or we will pull the capital for “x” investment. Do what I want Elon, or we will pull your advertisements.

    And every year the leaders of those gangster organizations meet at a forum, run by a creepy old man with the pathetic name: Klaus Schwab.

    What does Schwab, whose father was a German Nazi, want? Well, luckily, we don’t have to guess.


    Because he writes it all down in his books, and in his monthly WEF reports.

    The same reports you call “conspiracy” are available for public view. It’s all out in the open.

    Schwab is a fan of the CCP, and loves the idea of merging corporation with goverment — as they have done. And of course the largest companies find Klaus Schwab’s views to be quite intriguing.

    It should come as no surprise then, that these companies want government to protect them — especially from decentralized technology like blockchain, which can destroy their entire business model.

    In short, nothing would please Microsoft, Apple or Google more than a merger with government. Nothing would please them more than to see the United States become a one party totalitarian state, in the same mold as the CCP.

  5. Gravatar of Ricardo Ricardo
    1. December 2023 at 22:19

    Trump is just pandering. He has his faults, but at the moment there is nobody better.

    I speak for all Cuban Americans in Miami, when I say go fuck your party’s marxist propaganda. I mean, how dare you try to tell my daughter that she’s inferior because of her light skin color, or because she’s not a lesbian or Trans, or because she’s not in some other “protected group”. How dare you tell me that I don’t have a say over my children’s education.

    Everything about the democrat party disgusts me.

    Defund the police: Fuck off.
    Discriminate on skin color: Go fuck yourself.
    Place people into groups, then package them to fill some quota: go fuck yourself.
    Canceling scientists like Robert Malone: Go fuck yourself twice for doing that.
    Twitter files revealing government involvement in silencing people: Go fuck yourself a hundred times.
    Open borders with no vetting: go fuck yourself again.
    Placards showing jews being thrown into a trashbin: go fuck yourself.
    Threatening Supreme Court justices outside of their homes: go fuck yourself.
    Forcing the American people to pay for wars they don’t want, and for housing illegal immigrants in five star hotels, then blaming it on corporations: go fuck yourself and/or go to the front lines and fight yourself.

    The cosmopolitan (leftwing) just published a Satanic abortion article describing how to engage in the act: go fuck yourself.

    Your party also carries placards saying: ‘I can’t wait to get an abortion’ I mean, that’s just absolutely disgusting.

    I don’t want any part of that.

  6. Gravatar of Edward Edward
    1. December 2023 at 22:44

    I read that tweet. But Trump didn’t say he supported BLM. He said he was happy that they were now supporting him. You seem to be taking his tweet out of context. For the record, the BLM organization continues to support Biden.

    But I have a question for the person who mentioned donations. Trump has donated to NYC organizations. He’s funded parades, helped fix the ice rink, etc. He’s clearly donated when it suits his interest.

    But I wonder why anyone would think that Trump has to donate in the first place, as if donating to an NGO is a symbol of goodness. It’s a bit bizarre.

    He employes a thousand people. Those people have good jobs and high salaries. He pays a tax rate similar to other Real Estate developers. The businesses that operate in his buildings all pay lots of city tax. He’s contributing positively to the local economy.

    Donating to an NGO is meaningless. You think Bill Gates setup the Gates foundation out of the kindness of his heart? You don’t think that foundation serves global business interests?

    Don’t be so naive. There is a reason why microsoft often gets special economic licenses (monopolies) in places where the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have been donating. Those donations are used for pay to play and for research and development purposes.

  7. Gravatar of Michelle Michelle
    2. December 2023 at 02:32

    Sumner is correct. I will vote for Trump or RFK jr, whether they are in prison or not, because the left no longer contributes anything of substance.

    Democrat campaigns have been reduced to name-calling and bigotry, and when that doesn’t work they just tell bold faced lies or prosecute the opposition. Take for example Gavin Newsome who cited fake data in his recent debate against Ron DeSantis. He claims more people are going to California than leaving. That’s like saying the grass is blue or the sky is green.

    The truth is that California has lost 800,000 people in the last three years. Florida has gained 600,000.

    He said “14M jobs were created under Biden.” This has to be the biggest fairy tale the administration has cooked up. I fail to see how shutting down the economy through mandates, laying off 14M people, then lifting the mandates and remploying those same workers is the equivalent to adding 14M new jobs.

    He said Florida has banned 1,406 books. This is not a lie, but it’s an omission. It’s a statement designed to obfuscate the truth. The truth is that every school board chooses a selection of books to buy. In Florida, the state doesn’t permit school boards to buy and distribute CRT propaganda or pornography in the classroom (K-12). Parents in Florida overwhelmingly support that policy.

  8. Gravatar of TMC TMC
    2. December 2023 at 08:46

    “At this point Trump could donate money to Hamas and he still wouldn’t lose a vote.”

    Might even bring a lot of those left wingers around to him.

  9. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    2. December 2023 at 10:16

    Sara, You said:

    “Trump didn’t write a glowing review of BLM, a marxist organization, while they were burning down buildings, shooting people, assaulting reporters, erecting autonomous zones, and threatening mayors outside of their homes. That person would be you, Scott Sumner, in July of 2020.”

    Are you off your meds again?

    Edward, You said: “He said he was happy that they were now supporting him.”

    LOL, no he didn’t. Do you know how to read?

  10. Gravatar of steve steve
    2. December 2023 at 11:51

    Robert Malone finally became a scientist. When did that happen? Quite a fantasy list.


  11. Gravatar of Doug Doug
    3. December 2023 at 19:10

    We had a Neo-Nazi demonstration at the University of Wisconsin. And oddly, the demonstrators were Biden voters.

    Needless to say, we live in strange times.

    I believe the unwavering support for Trump is rooted in a deep ideological shift. People are sick and tired of Pelosi, McConnel, Romney, and the older generation of ‘career politicians’ who have been centralizing power.

    In the 50’s or 60’s, Trump wouldn’t have a chance. He wouldn’t be necessary.

    But the people love to fight against the “man”

    The “man” in the 50’s and 60’s was traditional culture, mostly backed by the republican party, and democrats were fighting against the “man”. There was a giant shift in ideology, so much so that the democrat south became republican, and many of the nothern republicans became democrats — some even sympathizing with the marxists.

    In 2023, the “man” has become radical left culture, career politicians on both sides, and their aforementioned enablers.

    Whoever the man dislikes, the people like.

    In other words, Trump is adored because the mainstream doesn’t like him. Career politicians and hard left academics loathe him. And Tech millionaires (now called ‘cucks’ on campus for bowing to radical left policies) have become enemies of the people. And whoever my enemy dislikes, I like.

    That’s my theory.

  12. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    3. December 2023 at 22:04

    Doug, You said:

    “We had a Neo-Nazi demonstration at the University of Wisconsin. And oddly, the demonstrators were Biden voters.”

    My theory is that pro-Trump commenters on my blog are really, really dumb people, who believe the nonsense they read on the internet.

  13. Gravatar of Michael Rulle Michael Rulle
    4. December 2023 at 06:22

    ‘Pro Trump” commenters are “really, really (you left out one “really”) dumb”. More dumb than Biden Supporters? More dumb than our VP?

    For some reason, I cannot believe either becoming President——but someone has to be President. Since I fall into the “really, really, really” dumb category, I do believe our new methods for vote counting creates more randomness in possible outcomes. If you don’t believe this then you get an extra “really”.

    I also do not think it matters who is President.

  14. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    4. December 2023 at 13:10

    Michael, You asked:

    “More dumb than Biden Supporters?”

    Not more dumb than Biden supporters, more dumb than Biden commenters here. I don’t know why I attract the worst Trump people. There are lots of smart Trump voters.

  15. Gravatar of Student Student
    5. December 2023 at 08:25

    Smart Trump voters know he’s a fraud and don’t care for political reasons. So they don’t get offended enough to troll a blog for 2 years because someone said something bad about the dear leader.

  16. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    5. December 2023 at 22:28

    It is hilarious that so many of the Trump cultists who comment here and accuse the author of being a CCP shill are just fine with Trump regularly complimenting Xi over the years, admiring his strength as a leader and his general authoritarian bent. And he’s likewise praised Kim Jung-Un, Putin, Erdogan, and Mohammed bin Salman.

    Biden gets criticized on the right just for meeting with bin Salman. Trump praises him, had a much warmer meeting with him, has a son-in-law who received billions of investment dollars from the Saudi sovereign wealth fund…

    This is one of meany reasons Trump supporters have a reputation for being ignorant, stupid, and crazy.

    And yes, there are some intelligent Trump supporters, but there were highly intelligent supporters of Hitler too. One of them was Henry Ford. Then, there were the so-called Aryan Physicists. Heisenberg worked on the bomb for Hitler. Hitler’s top military brass were mostly highly educated and intelligent too. It just goes to show that crazy nationalistic politics can infect even some of the best minds.

  17. Gravatar of Ethan Ethan
    6. December 2023 at 22:22

    Whenever a populist arises, whether it’s Bolsonaro, Trump, Milei, the left uses the same ad hominem attacks and fear mongering tactics. Similar to Trump, the Argentina left tells us Milei is a racist, a homophobe, a dictator, a Nazi, xenophobe and extremist. Similar to Trump, the legacy media gave Milei 24 hours of negative press, and concocted wild accusations.

    I would say the deep state is very real, and it’s very global.

    There is a cross border program called the “Trusted News Initiative”, which is a coalition between legacy tech, legacy media, and governments to cancel, censor and silence views that oppose their narrative. That program was funded by WEF. They claim to be protecting us from “disinformation”, but that is the claim of every tyrant. Humanity doesn’t need a small coalition of actors controlling what it can listen to.

    And I presume that’s why Elon’s media coverage has gone from 99% positive to 99% negative, ever since he bought Twitter. He just refuses to “play ball”

  18. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    6. December 2023 at 22:57

    Ethan, You said:

    “Whenever a populist arises, whether it’s Bolsonaro, Trump, Milei”

    LOL, populists are the people Milei ran against. You are in way over your head—not surprising given your email address. Nice try though.

    “Humanity doesn’t need a small coalition of actors controlling what it can listen to.”

    Then why are the Trump spokesmen threatening to throw reporters in prison?

  19. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    7. December 2023 at 10:02


    Not only does Musk never criticize China for its extreme censorship, but he signed an agreement earlier this year to uphold China’s “core socialist values”:

    I even cited a conservative news source for you, but this made news everywhere.

    Twitter is blocked by the government in China, but all Musk does is attack the US government for “censorship” and accuse advertisers who walk away of “blackmail”. So, I guess he’s okay being blackmailed by China, eh? Maybe he just prefers socialist governments.

  20. Gravatar of Rafael Rafael
    8. December 2023 at 04:29

    I’m voting for Trump.

    The “elite” in this country are almost all democrats, all old, and all have posh homes in the whitest places in the country.

    You’d think those who preach multiculturalism would be the first to open their arms, but instead of greeting illegals at the border they live in the all white enclave of Nantucket.

    The VA has now been told by the current inept administration to provide medical care to illegal immigrants, and prioritize them over combat veterans. I have over 100 patients who need urgent appointments, and who I’m prohibited from scheduling appointments with, because our back office overlords continue to book illegals.

    If you want to see what universal health care looks like, just look at the VA. It’s atrocious. My own schedule is determined by someone who is barely literate. Even priority group 1 requires a six month wait (surgery). Priority 7 is a two year wait.

    We recently gave medical examinations to hundreds of Chinese illegal immigrants, all men, military age, who looked like they were ex military. And the immigrants coming from Haiti, El Salvador and Guatemala mostly have gang tatoos on their forehead and around their neck. They don’t speak a lick of English. They would be incapable of doing any job in America except for farm work or dishwashing, and these men don’t look like farmers or dishwashers.

  21. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    8. December 2023 at 10:01

    Now, Musk wants Disney’s CEO fired for choosing not to advertise on Twitter:

    This is the self-proclaimed “free speech absolutist”, who abhors cancel culture.

    Did Covid damage his brain? Is he bipolar? What made him so crazy/stupid?

  22. Gravatar of acebojangles acebojangles
    8. December 2023 at 10:37

    Why does this blog attract such lunatics? Very strange. I know our politics have devolved, but this cannot be a representative sample of right-leaning people.

    @Rafael: You don’t think old rich people who live in coastal elite areas should be in charge, so you’re voting for Trump?!

  23. Gravatar of ssumner ssumner
    10. December 2023 at 08:09

    Michael, Musk is one of the greatest entrepreneurs in history, with the emotional intelligence of an 8th grade smart aleck. When it comes to anything outside business or tech, he’s dumb as a rock. I could never be successful in business, but if I were a CEO I’d know enough not to call respectable people pedophiles and endorse anti-semitic tweets.

    acebojangles, They are mostly Russia trolls, with email addresses. Sad to see people who rail against the elite take such a pathetic approach to avoid being blocked. If Putin’s paying them to post here, he’s wasting his money.

  24. Gravatar of Michael Sandifer Michael Sandifer
    10. December 2023 at 14:35

    I see Musk like Edison or Ford. He has a genius for innovation and business, but is obviously extremely, deeply flawed. He has openly mused that he might be bipolar. He should get an examination. How long will he continue down the Kanye West/Charlie Sheen/Mel Gibson path, before he crashes?

    I should have left Twitter much sooner, but I’m leaving the platform now. Welcoming back Alex Jones was the last straw for me.

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